She crept up on Stillness.

Not wanting any fanfare.

Not wanting to raise alarm.


But her heart pounded so loudly, she wondered if it would give her away.

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(image from The


She was near Stillness now.

And could tell Stillness felt her there.

Both were okay with this.


She walked up and carefully sat down beside.


Such depth of presence.

It brought a tear to her eye.

A million and one thoughts flashed through her.


She was breathing uneasily, confused and unsure.


Stillness remained.

An anchor.


Like nothing else she’d known.


“It’s okay”, she heard.

And her inner fluttering quietened down a little.


“Show me what to do?” she thought.

“Show me how to be with you”

“What do I do?”


Stillness gestured to a flowing circle of energy at the belly,

She saw it clearly in her mind’s eye.

Swirling around before flowing upward and out.


She copied.

Her own circle more like a dust bunny.

She would get it in time.


Stillness pointed to the sky,



“This makes it easier”.


An apprentice,

She took her new tools,

And began to practice.


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