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  • Parenting With Heart & Soul Book

    When I was pregnant with my first child (my daughter Charlotte), I did not predict the complexities of parenting that were ahead of me. I was blissfully focused on the ...

Barriers To Being YOU

Every element of my energy work has one eye on the True Self of a person. The True Self is an energetic blueprint for a person which encapsulates what naturally and easily brings them joy as well as what their purpose is. It persists in various ways throughout their lifetime. The True Self is known […]

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The Art of Doing It All

Some time ago, I read Silvia Hartmann’s article on how to multi-task from an NLP perspective. It uses the analogy of spinning plates, namely that multi-tasking involves us as the plate spinner in our lives, and going from plate to plate, noticing when plates are wobbling and spin them again so they are spinning happily […]

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The Cycle of Creation

I am a woman, which means that naturally and physically, I am a being of cycles. Whether I like it or not, these cycles influence my being and that means that my thoughts, sensations and energy are impacted. At times we may feel so detached from life to say that we can do whatever we like, whenever […]

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Intuition: A poem

Intuition once came like droplets. One here, one there. Felt but not understood or recognised. Logic drowned it out and questioned its validity.   In time more drops came down. “How did I know that?” It was seen, but unable to be grasped. Its presence seemed only by good fortune. Waiting for more with baited breath. […]

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