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We are humans of mind, body and spirit. As well as caring for our mind and body, the spirit requires attention and that’s where energy techniques come in.

As a Melbourne-based Energist who supports people all over the world, Kelly uses energy techniques, her intuition, a touch of magic, and years of experience to support humans of any age.

Parenting-with-Heart-and-Soul-Kelly-BurchIn 2014, Kelly wrote the book Parenting With Heart & Soul, incorporating awareness of the energy system with the experience of parenting, giving new ways of supporting children and offering support and fulfilling needs as opposed to control and discipline.

About Kelly Burch

Energist & author of Parenting with Heart & Soul

Kelly believes that each of us has a true nature, a True Self, and this is what Kelly’s work aims toward. Each person has their very own unique process of transformation, allowing them to gently return to embody the energised and magical expression of their True Self.

Kelly’s is an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner and master trainer. You may also know her as The Potion Lady for her signature flower essence blends. You can explore her magical menu of personalized services below.


Flower Essence Package

Personalised flower essences remedies made with love just for you: inspired by your unique spirit and blended for your specific needs.


Distant Energy Healing

What happens in your story? What does your spirit to have to say? Kelly authors an energy experience connected to your core essence.


The Business Package

The FEEL of your business speaks volumes to potential customers. This package is dedicated to the energy of your business.


1-on-1 Sessions with Kelly

Immerse yourself in ongoing support from an energist, inspiring you to see your life in a new way, follow your heart, and realise your worth.

Kind Words

Working with Kelly has made me a fan of EFT for life. With her help, I was able to release a lot of unresolved grief and connect with the happiest version of me. I can’t articulate how transformative the work was. The results have been astounding and I’m left feeling incredibly grateful!” ~ Kirri White, QLD

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